35 Ross Glen Crescent, SE $289,900
35 Ross Glen Crescent, SE
311, 278 Park Meadows Drive, SE $233,500
311, 278 Park Meadows Drive, SE
2161 Horne Blvd, NE $323,900
2161 Horne Blvd, NE
255 Sterling Crescent, SE $775,000
255 Sterling Crescent, SE
84 East Glen Drive, SE $609,900
84 East Glen Drive, SE
202 – 2 Street, NW $245,000
202 – 2 Street, NW
150 Mitchell Crescent, NW $229,900
150 Mitchell Crescent, NW
470 Sierra Blvd, SW $349,900
470 Sierra Blvd, SW
651 – 2 Street, SE $99,900
651 – 2 Street, SE
#1, 11422 Josephburg Trail (3 km south of Dunmore) $699,000
#1, 11422 Josephburg Trail (3 km south of Dunmore)
237 – 7 Avenue, NW $325,000
237 – 7 Avenue, NW
2014 Award

Example of how you can save THOUSANDS in commissions with Sell & Save.


Real Estate: Buying or Selling your home.

The birth of the internet has changed the world and the way people do things. People can search for properties in the comfort of their own home with a click of a button and at much faster rates than ever before. Potential buyers can look at thousands of properties and even take “virtual tours” before going to see the property in person.

Sell and Save has applied this to a new concept real estate company designed to help everyone save money and keep more equity in their home. Sellers use classified websites such as Kijiji or Craigslist and even social media sites such as Facebook to advertise properties for sale. But the most heavily trafficked real estate website on the Internet that helps sellers reach nearly all buyers is MLS.ca. If you want to get the most exposure for your property it should be posted on MLS.ca.

Some rules have now changed allowing for more options than ever before to sell your house. The Competition tribunal has mandated that individuals also have the right to post properties on MLS along with realtor listings. Sell & Save is a fully licenced real estate firm with over 35 years experience that allows everyone this opportunity for big savings, while still providing a high level of service and expertise.

So how does it all work? Sell & Save offers three packages We list your property on MLS for 90 days for a flat fee. Your online listing will appear just like any other MLS listing. Our website: www.sellandsave.ca gives you the option to provide your name and phone number to interested buyers so you can deal with them directly. Or you can work with realtors as many of our clients do. The choice is yours.

Some of the advantages of listing your property with Sell & Save are that you can keep more of the equity in your home, while also retaining more control and exercising options not available in the past. You get great value for the services received by paying for only the services that you require and you always retain the right to sell your home yourself.