Q – What makes Sell & Save different from other real estate companies?

A – In our more than 35 years in the real estate business we have found some people are comfortable selling their house on their own, and some people prefer to list with an agent and pay for a listing commission (full service). We’ve seen that most people fall somewhere in between. This is why we created three unique packages that offer various levels of service and assistance to help sell your home. No matter what package you choose, you get the support and expertise of a licensed, professional REALTOR®.

Q – What is MLS and why should I have my house posted on it?

A – One of the most important factors for selling your home is exposure. Being able to reach buyers that are looking, willing and able to buy will increase your chances for selling that property. MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) gives you that platform, it is probably the most powerful marketing tool to help sell your home. It is estimated that 90% of homes in Canada are sold through MLS®. Also the majority of buyers still use a real estate agents when buying a home. 99.99% of all real estate agents use the MLS® system. A house for sale on MLS® exposes the property to a large pool of prospective home buyers which could increase a higher demand for the property. With this higher demand you’re fostering an atmosphere where prospective buyers will offer their highest and best price.

Q – So how do real estate commissions work?

A – The real estate agent’s fees are typically paid by the seller. Usually there are two REALTORS® involved in the sale of a home. One is the REALTOR® who lists the house for sale (the listing REALTOR®) and the other is the REALTOR® who brings the buyer (the selling REALTOR®).

Here is an example if the commission is 6% and 3% on a sale of $300,000 property: (This commission is for example purposes; each brokerage sets its own commission rate.)

6% on first $100,000 = $6,000

3% on the remaining $200,000= $6,000. Total= $12,000 + gst

The seller of the home pays $12,000 plus gst in real estate commissions. This $12,000 is typically split between the two agents, netting $6,000 plus gst each.

Q. – How are real estate commissions different with Sell and Save?

A – In the previous example, instead of paying our company the $6,000 for the listing fee, you can choose one of our three packages, all of which are designed to save you money. The commission for the selling realtor (the realtor who brings the buyer) is determined by you. We always allow our clients to choose their own commission which is offered to all realtors who bring a buyer, and is only paid if and when the sale is complete. Potentially saving you thousands of dollar

Q – Will other REALTORS® show my house to their clients?

A – Absolutely! The majority of our homes have been sold by realtors. As long as you are offering a commission, REALTORS® will show your listing if they have the right client, as they will want the potential to earn that commission. Plus, REALTORS® are supposed to act in the best interest of their clients, so there would be no reason a REALTOR® would not show the property. However, if you decide not of offer any commission, then you are probably hoping to sell the home privately (without using a selling realtor). In this case, most REALTORS® would not show your listing, as they have no potential commission to earn.

Q – Do most of your clients offer a selling commission?

A – Yes, most of our clients do offer a selling commission. With other REALTORS® showing their listing they have an increased chance of selling their home within a shorter time frame.

With Sell and Save you always have the right to sell the property yourself. So even if you offer a selling commission, you still have a chance to sell your home yourself, if that is something you feel comfortable doing. For example – you are offering $6,000 to the selling REALTORS® and a number of REALTORS® show your property to their clients but no offers are brought. If someone who is not working with a REALTOR® makes an offer that you accept, you would not have to pay the $6,000 in commission, thus saving you even more money.